ASTM International Hosts Nuke Tech Symposium Nuclear Technology

From May 7 through 12, ASTM International’s Committee on Nuclear Technology and Applications (E10) will be sponsoring the 16th International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry at the La Fonda on the Plaza hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Held every three years, the symposium provides a forum for the interchange of new techniques, databases, and standards for radiation metrology.

This time around, the subject is dosimetry for the assessment of irradiated reactor materials and reactor experiments and will be organized into audio/visual presentations, and informal round-table workshops. Topics will include reactor surveillance and plant life management, nuclear data, neutron and gamma transport calculations and modeling, retrospective dosimetry, experimental techniques and new measurement methods, dosimetry for reactor characterization and reactor physics, and benchmarks and inter-comparisons, and more.

You don’t hear a heck of lot about nuclear energy in the news these days, except in brief reports surrounding security. Perhaps that’s due to a couple of  reasons: a lot of people are afraid of nuclear energy’s potential for disaster, which is really just a fear of the sometimes incompetent hands running the plant, and because certain politicos haven’t figured out how to make a financial killing with nuclear energy. If it isn’t oil or gas and if it does not ignite by flame, those groups do not want to know about it. Be that as it may and may that as it be, it’s good to know ASTM is staying on top of things.

Online registration for the symposium closes on Friday, April 28, 2017.  Registration questions can be directed to Kelly Dennison (610-832-9568; [email protected]). For technical questions, contact the symposium chair M.H. Sparks ([email protected]). For more information on the symposium, including fees and hotel accommodations, visit

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