Asavie and EpiSensor Announce Partnership to Securely Connect the Industrial Internet of Things

LAS VEGAS --- Asavie is partnering with EpiSensor, the Industrial IoT sensor platform. Together the two companies make it easier for enterprises to securely collect and route large volumes of industrial data to cloud environments such as the AWS cloud. The combined offering is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries from precision agriculture to energy management, and can be deployed in the most harsh, secure and mission critical environments.

Industrial IoT requires the collaboration of multiple vendors to come together and make it easier for customers to deploy their IoT projects globally. The IoT stack is comprised of multiple layers and by joining forces Asavie and EpiSensor are simplifying the deployment of complete solutions for their industrial customers. The combination of on-demand network connectivity with industrial grade wireless sensors mean developers and companies can scale from the lab to countrywide deployments using the same architecture. Asavie recently achieved the IoT Competency in the AWS Partner Network.

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