Arria NLG's 7th Natural Language Generation patent raises the bar

NEW YORK -- Arria NLG is to be granted a US patent on its Method And Apparatus For Referring Expression Generation. The Company's Chief Scientist, Prof. Ehud Reiter, created this important new feature of the Arria NLG Platform.

The new patent covers an essential component of Arria NLG's products for information analysis and delivery. The Company's products automate the real-time analysis and delivery of reports, whilst also generating language that follows intuitive rules for how humans communicate and comprehend information.

The innovations embodied in the new patent allow a report's second or subsequent mention of a complex machine, device or process to be expressed in a word or two, rather than by its full name. For example, the operator of an electrical power plant, who receives the actionable intelligence contained in an Arria NLG report, is not required to read in full repeated references to the same components of a particular machine after the report establishes that this component of this machine is being discussed.

In addition, when using referring expression generation, the patented system can flexibly describe details such as a high temperature warning on a rotor shaft to an engineer. For example, the system is able to recite: "temperature is high," when a previous sentence has provided the reader with the necessary context to understand that the text is referring to a rotor shaft on a specific machine. The system likewise intelligently adapts the expression to recite: "rotor shaft temperature is high," when a previous sentence lacked sufficient context. In each instance, the system can adapt sentences as the report is generated so as to eloquently describe components and subcomponents of a complex machine.

This seventh Arria NLG patent covers the generation of referring expressions not only within the Company's advanced NLG systems but also in more rudimentary systems relying on the infilling of templates (akin to mail-merge) that are in common use.

Arria NLG's patents and patent applications cover critical NLG processes that the Company currently applies to innovative applications delivered to its growing list of global clients, as well as to a range of SaaS-delivered packaged applications that are in development for a number of markets. The patents also apply to the Company's proprietary Software Development Toolkit ("SDK"). Arria NLG's expanding patent portfolio strengthens its plan to become the global leader in automating data analysis and information delivery in any industrial or consumer setting.

Stuart Rogers, Chairman and Chief Executive of Arria NLG, stated: "We believe that there are two key areas where this patent raises the bar in the quality of 'humanized' text generated from NLG technology. Firstly, anyone who wants to build an NLG system that communicates with users in a human manner is likely to need to implement the technology that this patent covers into their systems. Secondly, anyone wanting the Internet of Things to successfully talk naturally to users will likely need this technology.

The real value that the Internet of Things creates is at the intersection of gathering data and leveraging it. All the information gathered by all the sensors in the world isn't worth very much if there isn't an infrastructure in place to analyze it in real time and interpret it in real language. The Arria NLG Platform delivers this value.

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