Arduino Shields Offer A Variety Of Functions

Arduino Shields Offer A Variety Of Functions
Saelig Co. Inc.

Saelig unveils five Arduino shields that are stackable to expand the capabilities of the ubiquitous Arduino microcontroller platform. Light control, audio capabilities, motor control, Ethernet connectivity, and analog and digital I/O are available in the VMA Arduino Shield range. The shields are boards that can be plugged on top of the 2.67” x 2.08" Arduino PCB, they include the following:

• The VMA01 RGB Shield is a fully stackable Arduino shield that can control three channels of lights with full dimming and blending capabilities. Ideal for lighting projects and DIY stage effects, this board operates from external 12 or 24V and can drive a up to a 6A load.
• The VMA02 Audio Shield facilitates up to sixty seconds of voice or other audio signal recording via a built-in microphone or a line input. Record and playback can be initiated via an onboard button or via the attached Arduino controller. The board samples at 8kHz and can be used for announcements, warnings, status indicator signals, or greetings.
• The VMA03 Motor and Power Shield can drive relays, solenoids, and DC or stepper motors. Two output channels are provided and the board, which is based on the dual full-bridge L298P driver, can be powered internally via the attached Arduino, or using an external supply. Maximum output for each channel is 50V/2.5A when using an external supply.
• The VMA04 Ethernet Shield connects an Arduino as a simple webserver to the internet in mere minutes. Operating on 5V supplied from the Arduino board, the VMA04 is based on a Microchip ENC28J60 IC, and offers data rates up to 10Mbps. The integrated MAC controller supports Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast packets.
• The VMA05 I/O Shield is a simple way to provide additional Arduino connections for sensors, controllers, and real-world interactions of all kinds. Six relay outputs (120V / 1A max. load per relay), six analog inputs, and six digital inputs are provided.

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