Arduino Book Teaches Electronics Skills One Project at a Time

The Arduino Inventor's Guide is a project-based introduction to building and coding with the Arduino microcontroller. With each hands-on project, beginners learn useful electronics and coding skills while building an interactive gadget. Readers learn how to make their hardware move, buzz, flash, and interact with the world as they build 10 projects that include a miniature traffic light, a light-sensitive, color-changing night-light, temperature-sensing mini greenhouse, motorized, programmable robot, and a tiny, playable electric piano. The Arduino Inventor's Guide is available online and in bookstores.


The Arduino Inventor's Guide

Publisher: No Starch Press

Authors: Brian Huang and Derek Runberg

Print ISBN: 978-1-59327-652-2

Price: $29.95

Publication Date: June 2017

Specs: 336 pp., 4C

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