Ardagh Glass Adopts Agent QC Impact Monitoring

Charlottetown, PE, Canada, -- Sensor Wireless proudly announces that Ardagh Glass, one of the Worlds leading glass manufacturers, has adopted its popular Agent QC wireless impact monitoring technology to assist key brand owners in line auditing and capping force verification.

Sensor Wireless Inc. is a world-leader in Active Wireless Sensor Technology (AWS) and provider of innovative sensor technologies, such as Agent QC, which is used to improve performance and monitor the quality of world renowned brands in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and transportation industries. This sensor device delivers a powerful mobile solution that can immediately identify equipment performance, efficiency and quality issues offering the data needed to improve line productivity of both lightweight and standard glass handling.

Ardagh Glass Quality Director, John Parkes said, "The growth of new generations of much lighter weight containers—often of complex design—to meet environmental and marketing needs, combined with faster and faster filling lines, presents a real challenge to us and our customers.

"This wireless sensor technology represents a real advance to line auditing, and gives us the level of line speed control and synchronization necessary to meet the highest quality specification, even with ultra lightweight containers."

Ardagh Glass adopted the technology after 3 years of evaluation with some of their premier brand owners. Under the agreement, Sensor Wireless will provide Ardagh with Agent QC systems as part of their NPD (New Product Development) strategy to their customers adding value to customer service programs and improving problem solving capabilities at the customer level. "This new approach provides Ardagh with a significant technical advantage", said Wayd McNally, President and CEO, Sensor Wireless. Agent QC will support the fulfillment of business objectives surrounding continuous improvement. Plant Engineers will be able to identify in real time the root cause of problems, improving line performance and quality standard, identifying calibration requirements, and reducing and managing waste due to packaging damage. The solution will generate recurring benefits to Ardagh customers."

The Ardagh announcement is the newest development in Sensor Wireless' world class suite of wireless monitoring tools aimed at the solid container filling industries. Active Wireless Sensor Technology (AWS) and Agent QC technology from Sensor Wireless are used by leading Manufacturers and Fillers in over twenty countries to improve quality and reduce waste arising from handling and equipment calibration errors.

About Sensor Wireless
Sensor Wireless is a privately held corporation with head office located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Visit the Sensor Wireless Web site for more details on AWS Technology and products for immediate problem solving in agriculture, glass handling, and transportation.

About Ardagh Glass
Ardagh Glass operates 20 manufacturing facilities with 46 furnaces across 7 countries (Germany, UK, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy) with the headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland. The business employs around 6500 people and produces over 12 Billion containers each year.

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