ArcSling's Motion Converter Harvests Movement to Create Electricity

HONOLULU -- ArcSling LLC introduces its Motion Converter, designed to enable an alternative energy powered un-tethering from the grid. The pendulum powered Motion Converter produces electricity by harvesting kinetic energy resulting from the rocking and swinging motions that occur in our everyday lives. The unit can also be pushed or pulled to generate electricity manually.

Equipped with not only two 5V USB ports but also with a 12V port for added versatility, the unit can be used to charge cell phones, tablets and most GPS and Bluetooth devices. The ArcSling Motion Converter can also be used for charging external battery power packs to store energy for later use.

The Motion Converter efficiently produces power in remote areas, unlike solar and wind energy converters that are at a disadvantage because of the intermittent nature of their energy sources. Different from large-scale wave energy converters, ArcSling's device promotes distributed energy generation and storage that does not rely on pricey utility companies. There is no need for the large invasive infrastructure associated with environmentally-harmful industrial-scale wave energy converters. ArcSling has produced a video available on, highlighting their revolutionary technologies.

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