ARC Names Leading Supplier of Trade Visibility Solutions

SUNNYVALE , Calif. - Savi Technology garnered the No. 1 ranking among the world's "Leading Suppliers of Trade Visibility Solutions" in a recent ARC Advisory Group Report, which singled out managed information services provided by the company's subsidiary, Savi Networks. The Boston-based industry research firm's report, entitled, "Global Trade Management Solutions Worldwide Outlook: Market Analysis and Forecast Through 2010," analyzed more than 20 leading solution providers in several segments of the rapidly expanding GTM solution market.

Savi Networks provides information services that leverage real-time data from its radio frequency identification (RFID) network to improve the visibility, management, security, and integrity of global ocean cargo container shipments and their contents for international shippers and their service providers. "Global trade visibility is the backbone of global trade management (GTM), and Savi has emerged as the leader in this field through its 10+ years of experience combining visibility software with an RFID network for major shippers, logistics service providers, carriers, and terminal operators," said Adrian Gonzalez, director of ARC's Logistics Executive Council and author of the GTM report.

"Global trade visibility solutions allow companies to better understand the factors that impact costs, cycle times, and service levels," Gonzalez added. "By identifying process bottlenecks and sources of delivery variation, companies can take corrective action in a timely and cost-effective manner. Global trade visibility solutions will be one of the fastest growing segments of the GTM market over the next five years."

"This comprehensive ARC report validates the rapidly emergent market for new information services that meet and exceed the business challenges of complying with regulations and mandates, transportation security concerns, and the pressures for better operational efficiency and customer service," said Lani Fritts, chief operating officer of Savi Networks. "Through our SaviTrak information services, we are delivering real-time information that enhances buying, planning, and transportation decisions throughout our RFID-based network."

The RFID-based infrastructure used by Savi Networks at port facilities around the world automatically reads and transmits data on RFID-tagged containers to a Web-based software platform. Information services provided by SaviTrak are based on more than a dozen years of providing RFID and software solutions that have been deployed by government and commercial organizations to track over 2 million shipments worldwide.

The SaviTrak information service is offered via a standards-based, open technology platform, which accommodates interoperable automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technologies, such as barcodes, EPC-compliant passive and active RFID technologies, and global positioning systems (GPS) used to track ships and trucks that transport ocean containers.

The ARC report also ranked Savi among the top five in other GTM market segments, including Leading Suppliers of GTM in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Leading Suppliers of GTM in Asia, Leading Suppliers of GTM to Tier 1 Companies, Leading Suppliers of GTM to Logistics Service Provider Sector, and Leading Suppliers of GTM to Ocean/Air Carriers. More than 20 leading GTN solution providers were analyzed in the report, and companies consistently achieving high rankings in various categories were SAP, UPS, JP Morgan Chase Vastera, and the Descartes Systems Group.

About Savi Technology
With over 16 years of experience, Savi is a leading provider of active RFID solutions for the management and security of supply chain assets, shipments, and consignments. Savi's integrated RFID hardware and software solutions drive business value, such as reducing supply chain assets, inventory, and operational costs. The company tailors its solutions to the defense, commercial supply chain asset management, and global supply chain visibility and security markets. Savi's solutions are designed to meet the supply chain needs of defense and government organizations, global shippers, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers, as well as service providers such as terminal operators and asset owners. Founded in 1989, Savi Technology is privately held, with headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., and offices in Washington D.C., London, Singapore, Johannesburg, and Melbourne.

About Savi Networks LLC
Savi Networks LLC operates a global information network that uses automated identification data capture (AIDC) equipment and software to provide shippers with information about the identity, location, and status of their ocean cargo containers and contents. The company partners with global port and terminal operators to provide a global network built to accommodate automatic identification data collection (AIDC) technologies. Savi Networks provides an information service that allows shippers, logistics service providers, and transportation companies to manage and monitor their shipments over a secure Internet connection. Customers can expand the existing network by installing compatible equipment at their own locations, further improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and security of their global supply chains.

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