ARC Devices Partners with VSee to Bring Connected Health Devices to Consumers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- ARC Devices Ltd. Announces partnership with telehealth platform provider, VSee, to design the world's first wireless connected thermometer embedded into a remote patient monitoring kit. With this integration, ARC's thermometer will provide real-time temperature data to power a new generation of video and data-driven telehealth connectivity. The announcement was made today at the 2016 American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Annual Conference and Tradeshow in Minneapolis.

Clinicians around the world agree that an accurate temperature reading is one of the most important elements of any medical interaction or diagnosis. In today's world of virtual medicine, clinicians must rely on the patients taking vital sign measurements at home, which are often inaccurate. In addition, none of these measurements are integrated directly into their electronic health record, making it a challenge for clinicians to obtain a holistic view of their patients' health.

Known for its development of the exclusive video chat system for NASA's international space station, VSee brings deep expertise in the integration of data into the telemedicine experience. Through continued work with companies like VSee, ARC continues to drive innovation in non-touch, wireless integrated vital sign measurement.

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