Apriso Releases FlexNet Global Manufacturing Suite

Apriso Corp. has released FlexNet Global Manufacturing Suite, an operations execution solution for deploying, managing, and monitoring manufacturing processes and performance within a single plant or across the enterprise or extended supplier network. The suite acts as an integration layer across siloed operations and systems, empowering manufacturers to synchronize activities throughout their operations and extended enterprises so they work as a cohesive whole.

The Global Manufacturing Suite contains three separate but fully integrated modules that support the key requirements of global manufacturers for plant control and data reporting:

  • Global Process Manager—Facilitates fast, reliable deployment and management of process flows within a facility, enterprise, and supply network; manages FlexNet configurations to ensure system synchronization across distributed manufacturing computing environments.


  • Global Production Manager—Tracks and traces materials and products across the manufacturer's enterprise and those of suppliers and contract manufacturers.


  • Global Performance Manager—Built on a robust key-performance-indicator (KPI) analytics engine, provides detailed visibility into production status, product attributes, SPC and quality for resources, material, labor, and machines, both locally and across multiple locations.

The current release expands FlexNet's visualization capabilities with easier distribution of KPI data, helping ensure consistency of performance monitoring enterprisewide. The release also includes significant process-authoring improvements, such as traceability of execution activity, suboperation drill-downs, and the option to test processes before they are deployed.

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