Apprion Announces ION Turnaround System

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- Apprion, the leader in industrial wireless application systems, announced its ION Turnaround Solution for wirelessly planning, executing and managing turnaround projects at industrial facilities. The ION Turnaround Solution includes wireless applications such as ION Mobility, ION Video and ION Communications to give turnaround personnel real-time insight into turnaround status and execution, whether in a control room or in the field. With the ION Turnaround solution, facilities can improve efficiency, real-time visibility, data accuracy, on-time performance, risk management and more during and after a turnaround.

Shutdowns or turnarounds are not only required for compliance purposes, but are now accepted as standard practice to run a safe, clean, more effective facility. In most cases, the cost of a major turnaround is the highest capital expense at any facility. Therefore, any competitive advantage that can be gained through technology or process improvement in turnaround planning or execution is significant. The ION Turnaround Solution consists of various ION Applications and the ION System to provide this competitive advantage to industrial facilities during turnaround projects. Plus, with cost-saving opportunities of as much as $1 million per day and the technology investment of less than 1 percent of the turnaround budget, it's easy to justify the investment.

"Apprion's business is providing our industrial customers the applications and technology to operate more efficiently," said Jason Glende, VP of Sales for Apprion. "The ION Turnaround Solution was designed to help plan, execute and manage turnarounds on-time and on-budget with the use of industrial grade wireless devices and industrial process-designed applications and a real-time data platform."

At many industrial facilities, the primary reason that failures and delays occur is lack of actionable information. ION Turnaround addresses this by providing real-time data on everything from asset location and personnel safety to productivity and equipment conditions using mobile handhelds. Since the data is real-time, relevant, and at their fingertips, workers can better control performance, deadlines, budgets, compliance, asset utilization and more.

The key components of the ION Turnaround Solution include industrial wireless handheld devices for mobility, an industrial software platform to manage and view all data via wireless applications and an industrial wireless infrastructure for real-time, reliable data transmission and communication. Applications, features and functionalities of the solution include:

  • ION Collaboration Application - Enables cross-functional work teams to communicate collaboratively with real-time message streams filtered according to topic, avoiding unnecessary distractions during execution
  • ION Mobility Application - Mobile users can view and contribute to the ION Collaboration stream via mobile devices such as phones or electronic tablets
  • Real-time access to critical startup and shutdown procedures
  • Real-time access to equipment checklists and mechanical integrity procedures (MIPs)
  • Real-time ability to initiate and execute management of change for procedures, drawings, etc.
  • Real-time data input, status view and task management
  • Management/maintenance metrics and reporting
  • Device and sensor provisioning and monitoring
  • Application integration in a unified, common dashboard.

About Apprion
Apprion delivers industrial wireless application systems and services for the process manufacturing industry. Whether it is the need to address safety or security concerns, meet compliance mandates, or improve productivity, a wireless application system from Apprion will assure that any industrial application is easier to deploy and manage while delivering value faster, more efficiently.

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