API Accesses Smart Building Energy Data

Verdigris’ latest set of APIs are groomed to power smart buildings. The APIs allow users to integrate energy usage data within their own platforms, and use Verdigris' artificial intelligence to deliver meaningful insights from noisy energy data. Facility and property managers can now access data collected by Verdigris' patented hardware and artificial intelligence (AI). The hardware is installed like a meter on a building's electrical panels, monitoring energy use at the device level. The hardware connects to an analytics tool in the cloud through 4G or Wi-Fi. As a result, developers can use these APIs to create a dashboard showing real-time energy usage, power quality, and equipment health. The APIs released and available now include:

  • Energy API: access energy consumption data in increments of minutes, quarter hourly, hourly and daily
  • Forecasting API: forecast the electrical demand of a building based on historical data
  • Disaggregation API: track device-level energy usage from a single circuit


The following APIs will be available sometime this quarter (Q4):

  • Voltage API: track voltage fluctuations in distribution boards
  • Power Factor API: see the ratio of real power used for work and the apparent power supplied to the circuit
  • Power Quality API: forecast the electrical network's ability to supply a clean and stable power supply


For more information, contact Verdigris, Mountain View, CA.

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