ANT+ showcases inter-brand interoperability

LAS VEGAS, NV – ANT Wireless is demonstrating the interoperability of the ANT+ ecosystem at Interbike, September 16-18, 2015. ANT Wireless once again brings flexible solutions to today’s expanding cycling market. Showcasing the flexibility of the ANT+ network, the Interbike demos will feature interoperable products working to capture rider data during an interactive training session including heart rate monitor solutions, power meters, bike computers, mobile phones, software and bike lights.

“Cycling technology doesn’t operate in a closed sandbox. Consumers expect their devices to communicate with each other, regardless of the logo on the product,” said Michael Rounding, Product Manager for ANT+. “Our proven, interoperable ecosystem has more than 600 certified products that together provide flexibility and value both to the retailers that sell them and the consumers who use them.”

The demo will include products from top cycling brands including: Garmin, Trek, Bontrager, Magellan, Look, Mi-Pulse, Lyzene, Kinomap, Wahoo Fitness and Tacx.

ANT Wireless also unveils two new cycling device profiles at Interbike for gear shifting and dropper seat posts, along with an update to its suspension device profile. These innovations are designed to provide riders with immediate control and feedback for improved performance along with the reliability and interoperability they’ve come to expect from ANT+.

New innovations include:

• Developed in collaboration with SRAM, the ANT+ Shifting Device Profile is the first interoperable standard for wireless shifting status, now available as a member early release.
• The ANT+ Dropper Seat Post Device Profile is the first interoperable standard for wireless dropper seat post control. It allows for the seat post to be locked or unlocked using a wireless controller.
• The ANT+ Bike Suspension Profile is the market’s only wireless suspension lockout control standard. New profile additions include additional summary information for post race analysis and free fall measurement and reporting.

The profiles enable wireless control and communication with components including bike drivetrains, suspension, and dropper seat posts. ANT+ interoperability means they can each communicate with many of the same display devices now and in the future. Using ANT+ also means ultra low power, longer battery life and lower maintenance required over time.

Manufacturers and developers who choose to implement the ANT+ Suspension, Shifting and/or Dropper Seat Post device profiles within their product lines can do so with minimal time investment. Adding the profiles to a bike computer, for example, involves minimal development and a simple firmware upgrade for customers. The new profiles also provide a great opportunity to broaden product lines typically more directed at road cyclists to support a larger breadth of cycling disciplines, and reposition them for mountain biking, cyclocross and beyond.

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