ANSYS And TSMC Enable Chip Manufacturers To Create Cutting-Edge Electronic Products

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Manufacturers of advanced electronic products – ranging from mobile and networking appliances to futuristic Internet of Things devices – will become more powerful, smaller and more energy efficient thanks to new advances from TSMC and ANSYS.

TSMC's certification of ANSYS solutions for its 10nm FinFET process technology, enables customers to deliver their innovative and reliable products to market faster while minimizing design costs and risk. TSMC also certified ANSYS solutions for the latest 7nm design rule manual and SPICE model for early design starts. Additionally, ANSYS solutions are enabled for TSMC's Integrated Fanout (InFO), the advanced wafer-level packaging technology for three-dimensional integrated circuits.

Today's cutting-edge electronic products demand minimal power yet still be reliable under a variety of conditions while still being affordable. These requirements place demands on the chip as well as a package, board and system. The TSMC certification provides users with a proven design process for advanced System on a Chip (SoC) – making new and innovative devices more affordable for consumers.

ANSYS design solutions support TSMC's InFO technology to provide cost-effective scaling to increase system bandwidth, reduced power consumption and smaller form factors while shortening overall design turnaround time. Compared to other methodologies, InFO is an ideal solution for mobile and IoT applications.

TSMC's certification of ANSYS solutions for its advanced FinFET process technologies enables designers to address the power integrity and reliability requirements for any given chip. Customers will have the power to perform the most accurate static and dynamic voltage drop analysis and advanced signal and power electromigration verification. This empowers users to innovate the next generation of SoC designs for use in mobile, computing and networking applications.

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