Android OSIGUARD App Tackles Smartphone Theft with Biometric Authentication

NEVE ILAN, Israel -- OS New Horizon, the leading developer of biometric-biology authentication and management technology to protect and secure personal and portable data on Smartphones today launched OSIGUARD, the first combined anti-theft & biometric app that protects your smartphone from being stolen while ensuring all of your data remains secure at all times. OSIGUARD is currently available for download on the Google Play store.

In recent years, smartphone thefts have been on the rise. Last year more than 2.3 million Americans had their smartphones stolen. Smartphone thefts account for 40% of all robberies in major US cities, and smartphone owners spend an estimated $30 billion each year replacing lost and stolen devices. OSIGUARD enables users to be fully protected from theft without having to install any hardware add-on. Activating OSIGUARD is simple; a short authentication process captures your unique anti-theft & biometric ID signature via an in-air movement. The app provides a step by step guide to create a unique 3D in-air signature, remembering and saving the personal air-movement enrollment pattern, keeping users completely secure.

OSIGUARD is the first biometric-based app that protects your Smartphone with all of your most valuable personal digital assets and your privacy. If anyone attempts to steal your phone, a loud alarm will sound - and only your in-air-movement can shut it down.

OSIGUARD - Key Features:
• Initial Registration enables via 3-D phone movement a unique in-air signature
• PIN Code provides an additional 4-digit alarm release
• Alternate ID provides an alternative method of identification
• Alert Mode enables to trigger phone to shift into Alert Mode, ready to detect a potential thief, by tapping a dedicated widget on the phone's main screen
• Switch between modes from the widget
• Option for Suspected Theft generated alarm will trigger a very high-pitch siren

"We are really excited to launch OSigard, the first ever anti-theft biometric app that serves as a complete safeguard against theft, blocks any attempt at physical probing into users' data on their smartphones, and secures complete privacy on mobile devices," said Gila Fish, Founder & CEO, OS New Horizon. "Our company's vision from day one has been based on developing a completely Personalized Central Authentication System (PCAS). We have developed state of the art biometric technology - in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Madrid – to provide users an all-encompassing protection of their smartphone by authenticating smartphone owners in a smart and unique way, making it virtually impossible to forget or steal the biometric password. Our technology is not affected by light or dark environments or loud voice surroundings. OS New Horizon is a leading pioneer applying biometric technology to deliver full smartphone and personal data protection. In the near future we will launch the first hardware component from our proprietary POMM (Privacy on my Mind) eco-system."

For more information on how to use OSIGUARD, watch a video at

For more information, visit

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