Andrea Electronics Provides Digital Noise Canceling Microphone To Norcon Communications Inc.

BOHEMIA, NY -- Andrea Electronics Corporation is delivering its DA-250, a digital noise canceling and digital signal processing circuit board, to Norcon Communications for integration into their Talk-Thru communicator Unit (TTU).

The TTU provides hands-free communication between people separated by security or isolation barriers and is the most widely used barrier intercom system of its type in the world.

The new TTU-NC version of TTU incorporates Andrea Electronics' DA250 digital noise canceling module, reduces ambient noise detected within the customers' speech, increasing operator intelligibility for scenarios such as subway and theater ticket window transactions conducted in real world noisy environments.

Satisfied customers using the new TTU-NC include: The 911 Museum, Augusta Entertainment Complex, the Beacon Theater, Barclays Center, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Brigham Young University, Central Arkansas Transit, Cleveland Metroparks, County Of Henrico, Milwaukee Miller Park, Red Bulls Arena, San Bruno Police Department, Tuscaloosa Amphitheater and the University of California among others.

The DA-250 digital noise canceling DSP module is among the latest innovations from Andrea Electronics. Its modular design is targeted towards Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) looking for a better microphone solution with ease of upgrade installation and increased audio system performance providing enhanced intelligibility for their customers. Some market applications for the DA-250 digital noise canceling processor include: virtual teller machines (VTM's), customer service kiosks, hands-free communications for automotive, trucking and police cruisers, intercom systems and fast-food restaurant drive thru order posts.

For more details, visit Andrea Electronics' website at or call 1-800-442-7787.

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