Analog Signal Conditioners from Moore Industries

Analog Signal Conditioners from Moore Industries
Moore Industries-International Inc.

Moore Industries-International Inc., North Hills, CA, offers miniMOORE multichannel analog signal conditioners. Supplied in compact 2- and 4-channel models, the 2-wire (loop) and universal AC/DC 4-wire (line/mains) versions accommodate all available industrial power supplies. On the 2-channel versions, a DIP switch selects analog input types between 4–20 mA, 0–5 V, 1–5 V, or 0–10 V. A 4-channel module accepts 4–20 mA inputs. Both provide isolated 4–20 mA outputs to interface with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLCs, or PC-based SCADA systems.

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Company: Moore Industries-International Inc.
Phone number: 818-894-7111
Fax: 818-891-2816

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