Analog Signal Conditioners from Dataforth

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Dataforth Corp.

The 8B43 family of isolated analog signal conditioners from Dataforth Corp., Tucson, AZ, interface to DC LVDTs that operate on a 10 V excitation voltage and up to 20 mA of excitation current. The family includes 10 different modules with input ranges from ±1 V through ±5 V. Each module isolates, filters, and amplifies a voltage input signal and then provides a high-level analog voltage output. Features include ±0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% linearity, 1500 Vrms transformer isolation, input protection to 240 VAC continuous, 100 dB CMR, ANSI/IEE C37.90.1 transient protection, 1 kHz signal bandwidth, and low drift with ambient temperature. The 5-pole filter is optimized for time and frequency response and provides 100 dB/decade of normal-mode rejection above 1 kHz.

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Company: Dataforth Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-444-7644
Fax: 520-741-0762

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