Analog Magnetic Sensor Partners With CMOS Technology

Analog Magnetic Sensor Partners With CMOS Technology
Coto Technology Inc.

The RR110 is an analog magnetic sensor that changes resistance as a magnetic field is applied. The resistance change is highly linear with respect to magnet distance and can be used as a gauge for movement, position, and proximity detection. The RR120 digital sensor integrates additional CMOS technology to turn the analog signal into a digital "on" output when a magnetic field of sufficient strength is present and turning "off" when that field is removed. Going one step further, the RR130 digital switch integrates an open drain MOSFET to enable control of a load, switching ‘on’ when a magnetic field is present. Innovative features include over 1000X higher sensitivity than Hall Effect technology (requiring far less amplification & noise as a result), a wide dynamic range for sensing a wide range of magnetic flux, power consumption in the nanoampere range, and an ultra-small SOT-23 package.

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