Amulet Hotkey Delivers High-Performance, High-Density Blade Workstation Solution

London, UK --- Amulet Hotkey Ltd. announces the availability of new high-performance graphics card options for the flagship CoreStation blade workstation.

The CoreStation solution helps speed the design, visualization and simulation of anything from animation and movies to cars, wind farms and oil/gas reservoirs. Amulet Hotkey’s CoreStation DXM630 is the result of innovative system integration and design that combines the power of NVIDIA Quadro GPU and Teradici® PCoIP® technology with the scalability and efficiency of Dell EMC PowerEdge M630 blade servers to deliver a unique remote workstation blade. Building on the success of five generations of blade workstations, the CoreStation DXM630 is a high-density centralized workstation solution for increased productivity, security, availability and manageability, with an uncompromised user experience to meet the needs of the most demanding graphics professionals.

To provide secure remote access and performance for a wide range of users, the CoreStation DXM630 integrates a PCoIP Remote Workstation Graphics card based on the NVIDIA Quadro GPU. The new DXM-M5000SE and DXM-M3000SE Remote Workstation Graphics card options greatly expand the visualization and compute capability of the CoreStation DXM630, making it possible to remote performance workstations in a dense form factor ideally suited for data center deployment. Centralizing workstations using the CoreStation DXM630 improves security, IP protection and uptime, while enabling flexible workstyles such as working from home, on the road or when securely accessing global talent from around the world. Professionals can connect to their workstation using Amulet Hotkey zero clients or mobile devices from across the office, across the country or from continent to continent.

Amulet Hotkey provide a range of complimentary dual and quad monitor zero client end-points; including the world’s only zero client models certified as secure by the UK Government and NATO.

Amulet Hotkey CoreStation DXM630 blade provides key benefits:

· Secure anywhere access: workstation access from the office, from home, on the road or from overseas offices. Connect with confidence using advanced security algorithms such as 256-bit AES and NSA Suite B ciphers including elliptic curve encryption to protect your session and data.
· Power and performance: the latest dual Xeon processors combined with professional graphics up to a Quadro M5000-class GPU provide exceptional power to visualize and manipulate complex designs.
· High-density to minimize datacenter footprint: up to 64 dedicated remote workstations in a standard 42U rack provides a 3x density advantage over comparable 2U rack workstations.
· Increase productivity and security: ensure datasets stay within the datacenter to boost application performance, avoid the use of old data across teams while increasing security.
· Exceptional user experience: hardware PCoIP remote display protocol encoding avoids loading the workstation CPU. This safeguards application performance and delivers rapid desktop encoding for multi-display, high frame-rate, and high-resolution workloads.

Solution Components:

· CoreStation DXM630 blade: based on Dell EMC PowerEdge M630 half-height blade server with single or dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors, up to 1.5TB of system RAM and 4x HDD/SDD storage bays. Dell modified BIOS for Client Windows or Linux operating systems. Supports up to two single-slot or one dual-slot remote workstation graphics card.
· DXM-M5000SE: dual-slot remote workstation graphics card using Teradici Tera2240 quad display PCoIP processor and NVIDIA Quadro M5000SE GPU with 8GB GDDR5, 1536 CUDA cores. Delivers a twofold increase in 3D performance compared to the previous generation Quadro K5100M solution.
· DXM-M3000SE: dual-slot remote workstation graphics card using Teradici Tera2240 quad display PCoIP processor and NVIDIA Quadro M3000SE with 4GB GDDR5, 1024 CUDA cores. Delivers a 2.8x increase in 3D performance compared to the previous generation Quadro K3100M solution.
· Enterprise management: the CoreStation DXM630 blade workstation simplifies infrastructure management through features such as remote power-cycling of the workstation and Dell’s iDRAC and Chassis Management Controller tools.
· Ultra-secure client endpoints: Amulet Hotkey provides an extensive range of PCoIP zero clients with unique features such as an integrated smartcard reader, up to 8 ports of USB 2.0 with USB-IF compliant rapid charge ports, redundant copper or fiber network ports, locking power connector and more.


CoreStation DXM630 blades can be ordered with the DXM-M5000SE or DXM-M3000SE remote workstation card now.

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