Amphenol Pcd Releases Lightweight Rectangular Connector - SOLARIS

SOLARIS offers the Aerospace design engineer a lighter and easier-to-use option than the venerable D-Subminiature (D-sub), and a less complex solution than the many modular rectangular solutions on the market. IP67 sealed and FAR25 Flame & Toxicity compliant, the SOLARIS connector makes an ideal solution for lighting, intelligent peripherals, seat actuators, and user power in aerospace, rail mass transit, robotic and automotive applications.

Some facts about SOLARIS

•Less than 0.5" tall, the product fits easily into commercial aerospace seat arms, backs, tray tables and compartments, as well as lower profile ceiling and side panels.
•SOLARIS is very simple to use – requiring no tools to mate and unmate – and is designed with integrated tie wrap holes that can be used to tie down to pipes, bundles and bulkheads.
•SOLARIS is designed with an integrated boot ridge for tying off protective sheathing and braids w/o adding backshells or saddle clamps.
•SOLARIS is durable – made with high temperature & chemical resistant Polyethermide housings – and is IP67 rated, to protect against human interface, wet and damp applications.

The product features a snap-on strain relief -- a tool-less, FOD-free accessory that helps prevent wear- and-tear at cable / connector ingress. Finally, SOLARIS also has reverse gender capability, whereby plugs & receptacles may be configured with pins or sockets, allowing live power connector to be either plug or receptacle, depending on application requirements.

Availability is immediate.

For more info:
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