American Road Products Introduces ReverseGUARD Complete

LAS VEGAS, SEMA Expo /PRNewswire/ -- American Road Products, a leading manufacturer of safety products for the automotive industry, unveiled the ReverseGUARD Complete, a fully integrated camera and sensor system built into a half-frame system. Like the original patented safety product designed to reduce reverse-motion accidents, the new ReverseGUARD Complete uses back-up camera technology plus four sensors that use ultrasonic technology to alert the driver of objects behind the vehicle when it is in reverse.

"The ReverseGUARD Complete supports safe driving by helping reduce the potential for serious backing-related accidents," said William Porter, president and CEO of American Road Products. "The average personal driver faces a blind spot of greater than 70 feet behind the backing vehicle. That means any object or person within this blind spot is at risk of being hit by the vehicle backing up."

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's National Center for Statistics and Analysis, based on 1995 U.S. census data, 1-4 year old children represent 6% of the total U.S. population, but accounted for 40% of all nonoccupants killed in off-road backing crashes. Off-road crashes are those crashes that occur in locations other than public roads (e.g., private parking lots and residential driveways). According to Kids and Cars, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of injuries and deaths due to children being left unattended in or around motor vehicles, as of September 23, 2006, over 100 children were killed in back-up accidents, often in their own driveway (more than one per week). Another 3000 were injured and sent to the emergency room. In addition, data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports vehicle damage repair costs for 5 MPH low-speed rear crashes as high as $5935 for combined pole and flat barrier crashes.

How it Works
ReverseGUARD Complete automatically activates when a driver puts a vehicle in reverse gear. Using four ultrasonic sensors built into the half-frame system, ReverseGUARD Complete detects persons or objects in the path of the vehicle 6-8 feet from the rear bumper. These sensors alert the driver to the obstacle by emitting an audible, variable beeping alarm with an on-screen distance indicator and camera image of the area to the rear of the vehicle. As the vehicle moves closer to the object, the alarm alerting the driver sounds more quickly until a steady alarm is heard, indicating the vehicle is within 2 feet of the object. The system will interface with most vehicle navigation systems or an optional visual display.

Pricing and Availability
ReverseGUARD Complete is competitively priced, providing consumer friendly pricing, with excellent profit margins to product distributors and authorized retailers.

About American Road Products
American Road Products is a leading provider of safety products for the automotive industry. The company is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA. For more information about the ReverseGUARD products, contact American Road Products at 888-918-8800, by emailing at [email protected], or visit the company's Web site.

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