American Manufacturing 2.0: What Went Wrong and How to Make it Right

For nearly two decades, America's industrial manufacturing sector has been in decline, and as a result, the nation's prosperity and strength is at risk. Meanwhile, China's manufacturing capabilities and competence continue to grow, threatening to overtake America as the world's most powerful and prosperous nation. Drawing on straightforward principles that can effectively be applied to a broad spectrum of manufacturing companies, American Manufacturing 2.0: What Went Wrong and How to Make it Right by Steven L. Blue, taps his leadership skills and proven processes honed over his career of growing companies – and saving them – to offer readers an inspiring vision for revitalizing the entire manufacturing sector.

Using case studies and examples from his own experiences, both as CEO of Miller Ingenuity, a global supplier of mission-critical components in the transportation industry, and in other roles earlier in his career, Blue organizes his lessons in leadership, strategy, and change management into The 7 Values of Ingenuity™: innovation, excellence, commitment, community, teamwork, respect, and integrity. American Manufacturing 2.0 explains how this highly integrated system of operating values can be implemented to turn around a company (if needed) or to propel it to extraordinary growth and prosperity.

“American Manufacturing 2.0 lays out a road map for a renewal of this vital industry,” says Blue. “I believe there is no reason why we should accept our current state of affairs. To think of a resurgence of manufacturing in America is not science fiction. It is reality, and this book will show you how and where it is happening today and how it can grow stronger in the future.”

Written by a working CEO who increased earnings in some of the companies he led by 400 percent, American Manufacturing 2.0 provides a real-world prescription for success and growth for any company, in any industry and:

• Presents readers with specific, actionable, and experience-based advice on how to propel a company into a global powerhouse
• Teaches the importance of the human factor and how to harness it for peak performance
• Reveals the secrets to building a high performance culture by design - not by default
• Uses tried-and-true examples from Blue’s real-world experience in generating turnaround and growth successes
• Offers advice on customer service, including how not to lose customers while "explosive growth" occurs

“The decline of manufacturing in America has brought job loss and income stagnation and it has slammed shut the door that once led to middle-class stability and comfort for millions,” adds Blue. “Without a robust manufacturing sector, it is that much more difficult for the average American to achieve the American dream. The middle class is under siege and Americans feel it in their pocketbooks. It is a real problem that has real life consequences for our nation. This book offers a new vision for the future.”

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