Ambient Light Sensor Enables Thinner Wearables

Ambient Light Sensor Enables Thinner Wearables
ams AG

Heralded as the industry’s smallest ambient light sensor, the TSL2584TSV measures 1.145 mm x 1.66 mm with a height of 0.32 mm, making it desirable for use in thinner wearable electronics. The device exploits TSV package technology, said to improve performance by eliminating use of wire bonds and providing a direct connection from the device I/Os to a solder ball. TSV enhances the device reliability performance with a Moisture Sensitivity Level-1 standard rating, improves Humidity Temperature-Cycling performance while minimizing corrosion resistivity. The TSL2584TSV is available now, priced at $0.58 each/1,000. For more info and specs, visit

ams USA Inc.
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