Ambi Climate: The Smart Upgrade For Your Air Conditioner

SACRAMENTO, CA -- Ambi Labs, an internet of things startup, launches its Kickstarter campaign for its flagship product, Ambi Climate. Ambi Climate is a delightfully simple add-on that automates any remote-controlled AC for greater convenience, comfort and improved energy savings of up to 30 percent. At $49 for a Super Early Bird unit, Ambi Climate is a practical yet powerful upgrade for any air conditioner owner.

Ambi Climate makes any remote-controlled air conditioner - window, split, freestanding or central unit - a smart device that can easily be controlled through a smartphone or tablet. Ambi Climate also uses predictive climate control by monitoring the temperature and environment both inside and outside. The device takes into consideration sunlight, air flow, temperature, humidity, movement and other elements to maintain a comfortable, energy efficient interior environment.

Ambi Climate is a personalized system that not only provides smartphone AC control but learns from usage patterns and remembers individual temperature preferences. Throughout the day Ambi Climate's machine learning algorithms combine the insights from the user's preferences and behavior with those from collected sensor data in order to adjust your AC settings. Ambi Climate can even factor in the performance level of the air conditioner. The result is more accurate air conditioning, fewer temperature fluctuations and energy savings.

Ambi Climate is incredibly observant of changing circumstances. Its "Wake Up Timer" slowly adjusts the room temperature to comfortable levels as the user wakes up.Ambi Mode makes sure that one's air conditioner is turned on just before the user arrives home. The device also keeps track of changing outdoor weather conditions and predicts impact of such on the indoor climate.

"We have surveyed over a thousand households that own conventional air-conditioners and over 60 percent of those asked complained that they have trouble with overcooling air conditioners," said Julian Lee, CEO and co-founder of Ambi Labs. "Overcooling ACs are not only uncomfortable but also waste energy. Ambi Climate is trying to change that with its smart sensor and learning technology. When developing our technology, we wanted to allow for an easy path of upgrading the intelligence of air conditioners without having to entirely replace one's unit. The result is Ambi Climate, which makes your AC smart at a very low price and almost zero setup. This way you can live more comfortably and start saving money after just a few months of using Ambi Climate."

Growing Energy Impact of Air Conditioners

Over 87 percent of households in the United States are already using air-conditioners. In fact, America alone uses more energy on air conditioning than the entire world combined. However, sales of air conditioners in developing countries such as India and China are growing by over 20 percent every year. In Asia as well as America, air conditioning accounts for up to 50% of utility bills. It's not just cost, but also emissions that are becoming a major issue. By 2050, air conditioner emissions are predicted to attribute to over 27 percent of global warming.

Ambi Labs is trying to correct this trend with its new device. Ambi Climate is able to save users up to 30 percent on AC energy consumption by minimizing wasteful overcooling and temperature fluctuations. On top of that the companion app provides users with useful energy-saving notifications that let them know when it is suitable to open a window and turn off the AC, or when it's time to clean the AC filter.

Ambi Climate is a plug and play system that makes life easier, simpler and more enjoyable. It requires no hardware or specialist installation, just plug it in, connect to WiFi, download the app and watch it work with your existing AC. Out of the box, Ambi Climate begins learning about the user and their local environment immediately. Ambi Climate was thoughtfully designed to blend into any living space. Its small size and portability make it perfect for the modern urbanite. It's user friendly and can be a great tool for property owners, pet lovers, and caregivers.

Ambi Climate Features

Ambi Climate is the world's first system that learns not just your preferences, but also predicts how conditions in your home will change. Ambi Climate's patent pending system builds up a picture of your home's characteristics and is able to automatically adjust your old air conditioner settings to ensure your comfort, no matter the time of the day, or outdoor weather patterns. Ambi Climate also provides deep, data-driven insights into the conditions in the your home, and the impact of your usage behavior.

This knowledge helps users take control of their air conditioner usage patterns and shows them the tradeoffs between comfort and energy consumption.

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