Amada Miyachi America Introduces ISB-300A 300 Amp Inverter Power Supply

MONROVIA, CA – Amada Miyachi America introduces the new ISB-300A 300 amp inverter power supply, featuring a compact size that makes it ideal for customers and integrators who have limited space yet require higher output current than traditional fine spot welders can deliver. Small enough to fit on a bench top, the ISB-300A’s efficient design allows easy integration within a small footprint.

A great choice for small and medium scale applications where closed-loop feedback control and fast response times are required, the ISB-300A is especially useful for wire termination, switch assemblies, battery tabs, foils, and tang welds.

The ISB-300A offers a range of key new and improved features. Six control modes are offered, which include primary limit, primary and secondary root mean square (RMS), secondary constant power, secondary voltage control, and fixed pulse. The ISB-300A provides .050-20 kA of power in 3 ranges. The low current ranges are ideal for fine applications.

Pulsation and upslope/downslope can be set for WELD 1 to WELD 3. The unit provides a precisely controlled repeatable waveform, adjustable from 600 Hz to 3000 Hz in 100 Hz steps. It also offers triple pulse and is capable of setting any control mode in any pulse. Additional features include a current-shutoff function, primary short circuit protection, an I/O check screen, and a pre-weld check.

Amada Miyachi America
Monrovia, CA
(626) 303-5676
[email protected]


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