Always-on Color Memory LCD is Ideal Graphic Display for Wearable Products

CAMAS, WA -- Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) has unveiled its 1.33-inch (diagonal) Color Memory LCD graphics display. The 8-color LCD module has ultra-low power consumption, enabling longer time between recharges for small-display products with a battery. It also enables designers to meet the growing demand for "always-on" devices – e.g., products such as smartwatches that show a full array of data at a glance without need to "fire-up" the device.

The high-resolution display (LS013B7DH06) delivers smooth graphics and simple video capability, thus showcasing richer content than many cholesteric, electrophoretic, and other bi-stable, "e-ink" type display solutions – all with lower energy requirements. Transmissivity allows addition of a backlight for visibility in low ambient light.

Memory LCD Technology

Sharp helped pioneer LCDs for the wearable market, introducing its first Memory LCD monochrome graphic displays in 2009. Memory LCDs feature embedded 1-bit memory in each pixel, which results in minimal power usage from the display's single supply, even while updating images. A lightweight, thin two-glass design, plus an integrated driver and simple I/F connectivity ease the design process.

Availability and Pricing

Product samples may be obtained through any Sharp Representative or Distributor. One-piece sample pricing is $15.00.

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