Alternistor Triacs Handle High Surges

Littelfuse’s 16A QJxx16xHx and 25A QJxx25xHx series high temperature alternistor triacs flaunt a maximum junction temperature of +150°C. Designed for use as AC switches, the components address overheating challenges in ac-power control applications with limited or no heat sinking. Their high peak, single cycle ac pulse ratings allow them to tolerate higher in-rush currents in heater or motor control applications. Shared features include +150˚C maximum junction temperature, 200A/250A ITSM ratings, robust TO-220/263 (16A and 25A) and TO-218 (25A) clip-attach assemblies, and internally isolated TO-220 and TO-218 packages. For more details and specs, datasheets for the QJxx16xHx Series and QJxx25xHx Series are available. Littelfuse Inc., Chicago, IL. 773-628-1000


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