Altera Showcases Its Industry-leading SoC Solutions at Embedded World

NURNBERG -- Altera Corporation demonstrates how its SoCs are enabling developers to create highly differentiated, feature-rich embedded systems. Altera SoCs will be featured prominently throughout the exhibit halls, both in Altera's booth and in multiple partner booths. Highlights in Altera's booth (Hall 5 Stand 277) include the unveiling of Altera's second-generation SoC family, Arria® 10 SoCs, the industry's only 20 nm SoC FPGA family. Arria 10 SoCs provide embedded developers access to a high-performance applications-class ARM® processor integrated into a high-performance 20 nm programmable fabric. Also on display will be application-specific demonstrations of low-cost, low-power 28 nm Cyclone® V SoCs enabling higher performance, lower power and more secure embedded, automotive and industrial applications.

Altera's In-booth Demonstrations Include:

• Altera's Second-generation SoC – Altera will show visitors how Arria 10 SoCs deliver optimal performance and power efficiencies with higher security and smaller form factor.
• Cloud-based PLCs Enabled by Low-cost, Low-power SoCs – This demonstration shows the implementation of an integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) system on a Cyclone V SoC.
• Securing Embedded System IP – This demonstration includes several industry-standard encryption algorithms running on a Cyclone V SoC.
• Video Processing Acceleration – This demonstration shows how FPGA-based vision processing solutions for industrial and automotive applications can deliver higher performance and lower power consumption.
• Single-chip Motor Control in a Non-volatile FPGA – This demonstration uses a non-volatile MAX 10 FPGA to drive a three-phase DC motor.

Partner Demonstrations Include:

• ReFLEX CES's new Arria 10 SoC and FPGA development boards and kits will be on display in its booth located in Hall 5 stand 5-181.
• EBV's Motor Control SoCrates development kit featuring a Cyclone V SoC will be on display in Hall 5 stand 276.
• Arrow's Flexible SoCkit Development Kit featuring a Cyclone V SoC will be on display in Hall 5 stand 531.
• TES GmbH and NV Barco Silex will both demonstrate Cyclone V SoC-based graphical/video solutions in their respective booths located in Hall 5 stand 110 and Hall 4 stand 611.
• Altera SoC System-on-Modules (SOMs) are featured in the i-Wave booth (Hall 2 stand 451), the Denx booth (Hall 1 stand 211) and the Enclustra booth (Hall 4a stand 121).
• Embedded software and tools targeting Altera SoCs will be on display in multiple partner booths, including Lauterbach (Hall 4 stand 210), ARM (Hall 5 stand 338), Mathworks (Hall 4 stand 110), Green Hills (Hall 4 stand 325), eCosCentric (Hall 4 stand 161), Micrium (Hall 4 stand 350), Segger (Hall 4 stand 238), eSOL (Hall 4 stand 157), Express Logic (Hall 4 stand 270), Wind River (Hall 4 stand 260), QNX Software Systems (Hall 4 stand 358).

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