Alliance to Deliver Emergency-Notification Solutions

MISSOULA, MT & ASHBURN, VA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Invizeon Corp., a leader in secure, interoperable emergency communications and response technologies, and Intelligent Decisions Inc., one of the fastest growing systems integrators providing a broad range of IT services and solutions to government and commercial organizations, announced a strategic partnership focused on delivering emergency notification systems to the federal government market. The new partnership extends Invizeon's advanced communications software and technology solutions via Intelligent Decisions' IDContinuity solutions framework, which provides comprehensive business and continuity of operations planning (COOP) solutions and consulting to federal agencies.

The increasing demands of homeland security, business continuity, and critical event management are driving agencies, team members, and distributed personnel to be in closer contact and collaborate more effectively than ever before. Advances in communication technologies have led to new, more reliable, interoperable platforms for communicating in emergency situations, from weather-related disasters to acts of terrorism. Thus, the ability to send alerts to large communities of people via a wide range of communications devices is becoming increasingly important to government organizations' efforts to save lives, protect assets, and ensure continuity of essential operations.

"A solid and flexible communications system is the most important asset of any continuity of operations program, and Invizeon's CHAIN platform offers federal agencies a proven emergency-notification component that complements and streamlines their overall COOP planning efforts and processes," said Intelligent Decisions' President and Chief Executive Officer, Harry Martin, Jr. "We look forward to educating our customers on the unique benefits of the CHAIN solution and how it can enhance their emergency preparedness and operational resiliency."

The CHAIN platform facilitates vertical and horizontal collaboration and interoperable communications. As the foundation for any organization requiring secure, interoperable, real-time communication, collaboration and critical event management, CHAIN's standards-based and service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach offers the ideal platform for government organizations to manage the exchange of communications and information in emergency situations, as well as day-to-day activities. Organizations can use CHAIN to align virtually any communications network, protocol, or device to its business rules, end-user roles, and locations. The alert and notification, collaboration, and event-management service can scale quickly to encompass new agency departments or communities as needed. The latest generation of CHAIN provides intelligent two-way communications with sensors and other analytic systems as well as the ability to broadcast alerts to public safety, law enforcement, and military land mobile radio.

"To date, more than 20 government organizations have chosen Invizeon's CHAIN solution. We welcome the resources and knowledge that Intelligent Decisions brings to the table," said David Todd, President of Invizeon Corp., "and believe that pairing Intelligent Decisions' integration expertise and experience with the benefits of CHAIN's emergency notification system will offer the customer a superior communication solution."

The CHAIN platform facilitates vertical and horizontal collaboration and interoperable communications. CHAIN is designed to be the foundation for any organization or systems integrator that requires secure, interoperable, real-time communication, collaboration, and critical event management. With its standards-based and SOA approach, CHAIN is the ideal platform to manage the exchange of communications and information in emergency situations, as well as day-to-day activities. For more information, visit Invizeon's Web site.

About IDContinuity
The IDContinuity framework provides a comprehensive approach for combining business continuity, continuity of operations planning, and emergency notification methodologies and technologies into one essential solution. This lifecycle approach examines every aspect of an organization's continuity requirements and objectives, leading to the development of executable recovery and continuity plans that leverage best practices, processes, and technologies that mitigate impacts from significant business interruptions. To learn more about IDContinuity, visit Intelligent Decisions' Web site.

About Intelligent Decisions
Intelligent Decisions Inc. is one of the fastest growing systems integrators in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Founded by Harry Martin in 1988, ID provides a broad range of IT hardware, software, manufacturing, and service solutions to the federal government and Fortune 1000 customers. ID also offers comprehensive professional services capabilities, including IT security, data lifecycle management, and networking solutions. ID is headquartered in Ashburn, VA, and ranked on both the VARBusiness 500 and GovernmentVAR 100 listings. For more information, visit the company's Web site or call toll-free 800-929-8331.

About Invizeon Corp.
Invizeon Corp. provides advanced communications software and technology solutions. As a nationally recognized technology company, Invizeon serves government agencies, corporate businesses, and community organizations of all sizes. Invizeon's customers include the Department of Defense, high-profile international security groups, and numerous emergency-operation command centers. For more information, visit the company's Web site.