Alien Backs IBM WebSphere RFID Premises Server 6.0

MORGAN HILL, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ --Alien Technology Corp. announced support for IBM's newly launched WebSphere RFID Premises Server 6.0, a powerful middleware platform for enabling organizations to manage RFID data and integrate it seamlessly with enterprise business processes. Alien has committed to the validation of Alien Enterprise RFID Readers through IBM's WebSphere RFID Device Program and anticipates that joint Alien and Premise Server 6.0 customers will benefit from faster integration and easier management of RFID devices, increased intelligence from RFID data, and more rapid and significant ROI from their RFID implementations.

"IBM's new WebSphere RFID Premises Server further signals the commitment of leading enterprise software vendors to the global adoption of RFID. This continues to validate the maturity of Gen2 RFID hardware products, such as Alien RFID readers and tags, and the growing intent of major customers to put this powerful technology into production," said Susan Pearson, VP Alliances, Alien Technology. "Significantly, Premises Server 6.0 not only enhances an organization's ability to manage and leverage RFID data, but it also enables users to remotely manage RFID devices, which is a critical pre-requisite for RFID scale-up."

"Alien Technology's support of the new Eclipse open standards–based interface enables its enterprise-class readers to be easily integrated into IBM's RFID solutions based on the new WebSphere RFID Premises Server 6.0," said Scott Burroughs, Sensors & Actuators Solutions Executive, IBM Software Group.

Alien Enterprise RFID Readers and their underlying Alien Reader Protocol dovetail well with the new IBM offering, providing complementary and synergistic features for enterprise deployment. These include remote software-version management, SNMP, Automode, and automatic recovery in the event of power or network outage. The Premises Server's open architecture allows these and other Alien capabilities to be fully leveraged to help drive the implementation of a scalable and reliable RFID system within an IBM enterprise infrastructure.

About Alien Technology
Alien Technology provides UHF RFID products and services to customers in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, defense, transportation and logistics, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. Organizations use Alien's RFID products and services to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of their supply chains, logistics, and asset tracking operations. Alien's products include RFID tags, RFID readers, and related training and professional services. Alien's patented Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA) technology and related proprietary manufacturing processes are designed to enable the manufacture of high-volume, low-cost RFID tags.

Alien was founded in l994 and employs about 235 people worldwide. The company's facilities include its corporate headquarters in Morgan Hill, CA; an RFID tag manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND; the Alien RFID Solutions Center, in the Dayton, OH, area; and sales offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Alien is a member of EPCglobal. More information about Alien is available on the company's Web site.

Alien, Alien Technology, the Alien logo, and FSA are trademarks or registered trademarks of Alien Technology Corp. in the U.S. and other countries.

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