Algorithm Enables Faster Sensor Software Customization

NEXT Biometrics has purchased a source code license for the FingerCell algorithm from Neurotechnology. The algorithm allows developers working with NEXT Biometrics fingerprint sensor technology to quickly customize their products and achieve faster time-to-market.


NEXT has purchased the full rights for the FingerCell algorithm for use with its sensors. Products, solutions and development kits will now include the algorithm. As a result, the company is enhancing its product offerings with embedded modules and readers that can be seamlessly integrated into user designs in the smart card, government ID, access control and notebook market segments. Also, products using the FingerCell algorithm allow import and export of International Standards Organization (ISO) fingerprint templates and on-card comparison with mainstream secure elements and operating systems.

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Put your finger on more details by visiting NEXT Biometrics and Neurotechnology.


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