AK Stamping Receiver Coils Changing The Face Of Wireless Charging

MOUNTAINSIDE, NJ -- A.K. Stamping Company, Inc. announces cutting-edge technology allowing one of the world's most efficient wireless charging receiver coils. Using advanced manufacturing technology, AKS coils have the highest metal density of any charging comparable coil.

Today, handheld device manufacturers are facing numerous challenges posed by incorporating wireless charging into their devices. A.K. Stamping is addressing these with unique solutions for receiver coils:

1. REDUCED THICKNESS – AKS patent-pending bifilar coil design keeps the assembly thickness down to 0.3mm, including shield.
2. REDUCED HEAT – AKS charging coils feature industry-lowest resistance, helping reduce device temperatures while charging.
3. LOWER COST – AKS highly scalable manufacturing process offers wireless charging coils at a price point that minimizes BOM cost impact. Production yields benefit greatly from consistent inductance and resistance
4. HIGHER POWER – AKS low resistance charging coils meet the higher power requirements of mobile device manufacturers, for faster charging in smartphones, tablets and other devices.
5. STANDARDS COMPATIBILITY – AKS provides designers the flexibility to combine multiple standards such as Qi and AirFuel (A4WP / PMA) into one assembly for true multimode interoperability.

2015 is a landmark year for the wireless charging industry

With a stronger focus on interoperability and consumer awareness, global revenues for wireless power receivers and transmitters increased to about 1.7 billion in 2015. IHS reports these numbers are projected to grow to 15 billion by 2024.1

As a top component supplier to industry leaders, including Fortune 100 companies, AKS plays an active role in the expanding wireless charging infrastructure, and through memberships in the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and AirFuel (formerly A4WP Rezence / PMA).

The receiver coils and their unique technology reflect AKS's long-standing commitment to innovation in precision component supply. A leader in customizable precision metal stampings, AKS continues to boldly pioneer solutions for the rapidly growing wireless charging market.

For more information, visit http://www.akstamping.com/wireless-charging


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