AirTest Introduces LonWorks-Enabled CO2 Transmitter

DELTA, BC /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AirTest Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the TR9294-Lon CO2 transmitter that is LonWorks communicating. LonWorks is a widely accepted sensor and control communications standard used to easily and inexpensively network sensors and systems in all types of new and existing buildings. In essence, Lonworks provides one wire through which all components are attached and can share common information, much like computers are easily connected to a network and to the Internet.

AirTest's CO2 transmitters are used in buildings to save energy by controlling ventilation based on actual occupancy. CO2 sensors are placed in a building much like thermostats and work with existing building control equipment to better control fresh air ventilation. In most buildings 20% to 40% of heating and cooling is devoted to conditioning outside air. "Virtually every existing building can save substantial energy with CO2 control, but installation has been hindered by complications associated with integrating the sensors into existing building systems" said George Graham, President of AirTest Technologies Inc., "Adding LonWorks capability to our sensors will mean that integration of AirTest CO2 transmitters into existing buildings will become much easier for a large percentage of buildings." Many of the world's major control companies now use LonWorks, which can reduce installation and integration costs in both new and existing buildings.

AirTest has also recently joined the LonMark association, which is dedicated to promoting open control systems that allow a wide variety of products made by different manufacturers to easily talk to each other. This group also tests and certifies devices to ensure they are 100% compatible with other LonWorks products. The TR9294-Lon is the only product of its kind that has LonMark certification. Members of LonMark International include the world's leading manufacturers, integrators, and users of control systems in a variety of industries, including building automation, security, lighting, home/whitegoods, elevators/lifts, mass transit, semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, consumer appliances, sunblinds, energy metering, construction, commercial real estate, and industrial automation. Further information on LonWorks and LonMark certification of products can be obtained from LonMark International.

About AirTest
AirTest Technologies is a Green-Tech company specializing in sensors that improve commercial-building operating efficiency and at the same time create energy savings. These sensors are all based on technical innovations developed in the last ten years and comprise a growing second wave of energy-saving technologies that will make a significant contribution to the Sustainable Buildings Program. AirTest offers its products to leading-edge building owners, contractors, and energy service companies targeting the buildings market. AirTest also provides energy cost-reduction solutions to building equipment and controls manufacturers who incorporate AirTest sensor components in their products.

For more information about AirTest's contribution to the Green Buildings initiative, please contact George Graham at 604-517-3888.

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