AirGATE Receives FCC Certification for SAW Readers

DALLAS /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- X-Change Corp. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AirGATE Technologies, Inc., has received FCC certification for its surface acoustic wave (SAW) readers produced by Carinthian Tech Research (CTR).

AirGATE maintains an exclusive, national distribution agreement with Carinthian Tech Research, a leading Austria-based developer of SAW devices and technology, used to identify and track tagged items in applications in which traditional RFID systems are not adequate. Based in Technologiepark Villach, St. Magdalen Austria, CTR AG is currently setting new standards in rugged RFID technology and remote access temperature sensors, focusing in particular on surface acoustic wave technology.

AirGATE has delivered development systems to Fortune 1000 companies, 3M, NASA-Johnson Space Center, the U.S. Navy, and other key companies. SAW technology works very well around metal and liquid, which are usually challenging for semiconductor-based RFID tags and systems, and is a very accurate temperature sensor that requires no battery.

"AirGATE engineers worked closely with CTR and the FCC lab to facilitate certification," stated Matt Ulrich, National Sales Director, SAW Systems. "We continue to work with CTR in bringing new SAW products and enhancements to market to maintain our position as a leading supplier of SAW RFID and sensor systems," continued Ulrich.

About X-Change Corp.
X-Change Corp., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AirGATE Technologies Inc., is a leader in unique, vertical-market applications using RFID and wireless, intelligent sensor technology. AirGATE Technologies, a full-solution company, handles business assessment, technology selection, including proprietary AirGATE technology, integration, and support. The company has, in an environment of technology cost compression, built a stable of technology partners that are best in class and span a wide range of solutions to support small, medium, and large enterprises. For additional information, please visit AirGATE Technologies' Web site or X-Change Corp.'s Web site.

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