AirAdvice Receives New Patent

PORTLAND, OR /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- AirAdvice Inc., maker of technology for measuring and analyzing building performance and indoor environment parameters, received a new patent pertaining to sensor drift. The effort of AirAdvice's co-founder and Vice President of Engineering, Meindert Kleefstra, AirAdvice's latest patent, illustrates the company's expansive knowledge of environmental sensors and how to effectively implement them into successful products.

Typically, sensor technologies that quantify environmental parameters are prone to drift, causing them to be inaccurate. AirAdvice's latest patent (Patent #7,499,821 B2) is for a method of measuring sensor drift characteristics, including the data acquisition system, sensor conditioning system, and acceptance criteria system, and it helps to understand this sensor phenomenon. This pioneering way of tracking sensor performance allows AirAdvice to use only the best performing sensors in their product lines and to calibrate only those that will meet their high standard of performance in the field. It is also used as an R&D tool as part of ongoing product development to work with sensor-industry partners to improve the long-term performance of their sensor technology.

For AirAdvice's customers, who are typically commercial and residential contractors and other service providers, the effect of this development, and of AirAdvice's continuous sensor innovation, is that they can expect even more accurate and reliable sensors in the field. Especially in commercial buildings, sensors drift out of calibration, leading to inaccurate readings and, thus, incorrect energy usage data. With this patent, AirAdvice ensures that its diagnostic systems provide a level of accuracy that will lead to increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and improved occupant comfort.

About AirAdvice
AirAdvice Inc., headquartered in Portland, OR, was founded in 1999 to help people improve their quality of life by taking charge of their indoor environment. AirAdvice develops innovative technologies to monitor and analyze building performance and indoor environment factors that impact system and building efficiency, as well as occupant comfort, health, and safety. The company's HomeAdvice and BuildingAdvice systems enable contractors, facility managers, and building owners to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs; improve the operational efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; and solve indoor environmental-quality issues. More than 1500 contractors and 30 distribution companies across North America use the HomeAdvice and BuildingAdvice systems.

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