AI Virtual Proximity Sensor Delivers Greater Intelligence and Bigger Screen


For its Mi MIX series, Xiaomi is partnering with Elliptic Labs, provider of the AI virtual proximity sensor software. Elliptic’s INNER BEAUTY replaces a phone’s traditional IR hardware proximity sensor with software embedded with machine learning. Phones equipped with INNER BEAUTY III avoid needlessly thick bezels, notches, holes and other intrusions required by hardware optical devices, maximizing the functional area of the screen. Xiaomi’s latest Mi MIX 3 takes full advantage of this technology to create its futuristic, full-screen design with only a thin, reinforcing bezel.


INNER BEAUTY III is just one module in Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual SmartSensor Platform, which fuses ultrasound sensor data with standard smartphone data to enhance gesture recognition and enable presence detection for phones. Other modules in the AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform include INNER REFLECTION (a virtual presence sensor) and INNER MAGIC (a virtual touchless gesture sensor).  For more info, visit Elliptic Labs.