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According to Future Market Insights agricultural robots, also called agbots, are proliferating on a grand scale globally. These vegetable-growing, green-leaf picking machinations with a mind of their own are designed to reduce human resources in agriculture. They are said to offer better precision, more comprehensive weed control, and error free working of fields.

Research Observations

  • Replacement of farmer’s effort with smart robots is the major driver propelling the growth of the market.
  • Emerging nations such as India and China focus on launching smart farmer projects, which is anticipated to create huge industry expansion opportunity in the nearer future.
  • High initial investment and skilled staff for accessing the robot are the two factors coupled together to challenge the growth of the agriculture robotics market in recent years.
  • Global agriculture robotics market can be divided into four segments: Product Type, Application, Offering and Region.
  • Major segments of Agriculture Robotics Market based on the Product Type include: Driverless Tractors, Milking Robots, UAVs, Automated Harvesting Machine
  • Major segments of Agriculture Robotics Market based on the Application include: Field Farming, Diary Management, Indoor farming, and Horticulture
  • Major segments of Agriculture Robotics Market based on the Offering include: Hardware – Automated & Control System
  • Sensor & Monitoring Device and Software Service
  • North America is expected to witness largest market growth regarding revenue.
  • Asia-Pacific countries such as China, India are estimated to capture fastest market growth.
  • Players associated with agriculture robot market includes AGCO Corporation, Agribotix LLC, AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc, Autonomous Tractor LLC, Blue River Technology Inc., AutoProbe Technologies LLC, BouMatic Robotics BV, Deere & Company, Harvest Automation Inc., Precision Hawk, Yamaha Motor Corporation, and GoPro, Inc.

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