Afero Collaborates with Murata to Develop Secure Radio Module for Smart Devices

LOS ALTOS, CA -- Afero, in collaboration with Murata Manufacturing, announces its development of the ASR-1 module, the central computing device on which Afero is building a secure, end-to-end, Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for the secure connection of every smart device.

The ASR-1 module is a Bluetooth Smart system-in-package (SIP) that supports ultra-low power connectivity for data communication. It is well designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Every ASR-1 comes with a security chip that is preprogrammed to operate in conjunction with the Afero Cloud.

The Afero tiny module chip allows developers, manufacturers, and service providers to host all connected devices on a single, secure platform. Murata's global network of manufacturing facilities ensures that the chip will integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing processes of Afero customers and offers unprecedented abilities to scale production to meet business needs.

"Murata is the most trusted and reliable source of electronic components for the largest and most prominent companies in the world," said Joe Britt, CEO of Afero. "Our collaboration shows their trust in our company, leadership, technology, and the value of our product and overall offering."

"IoT enables a new breed of transformational products and also demands transformational tools," stated Mehul Udani, General Manager, Connectivity Solutions, Murata Americas. "We are excited to collaborate with Afero, whose turnkey platform for secure IoT communication gives our customers the ability to create new and better experiences."

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