AEM Releases 1206 Size Wire-in-Air Surface Mount Fuses

SAN DIEGO, CA -- AEM Components today introduces the AF1206, a new AirMatrixTM fuse series with the compact EIA 1206 size. The Wire-in-Air structure of the AirMatrixTM design allows for high voltage ratings and high inrush current withstanding capability in a compact package size. AEM's new AF1206 fuse is a market leader with current ratings up to 15A, making this series an ideal solution for a broad range of applications; ultrabook, PCs, battery packs, LCD panels, DC/DC converters, DC fans, auto electronics, telecommunication and network devices.

AF1206 Wire-in-Air features:
• Extremely thin fuse body (1.3mm max) ideal for space constraint applications
• Fast acting clearing characteristics at 250% overload current level
• High I2t ideal for applications with inrush transients
• High surge-withstanding capabilities in comparison to other EIA 1206 chip
• fuses •High voltage and interrupting ratings
• Operating temperature range: -55 degrees C to +125 degrees C (with de-rating)
• Halogen-free, lead free, RoHS compliant and UL recognized

The AF1206 data sheet is available at:  

More information about AEM can be found at


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