Advancing Electronics with Styrenic Innovations

SHANGHAI – Styrolution is showcasing how designers and electronics manufacturers can innovatively address the needs of the fast-paced and rapidly evolving industry with standard and specialty styrenic solutions from Styrolution's at Chinaplas 2014:

Materials from Styrolution's advanced and broad styrenics portfolio can be applied across many end-products including computers, printers, home entertainment systems and TV/monitor applications, such as light diffuser plates (LDP). These electronics applications are setting new standards in design, quality and environmental performance.

Understanding styrenics as a material that is helping to power the future of the electronics industry, Styrolution is developing highly transparent styrenic plastics that enable thinner, larger and higher resolution flat screens and LED lighting solutions. Moreover, styrenics are also poised to make it possible to transform point lighting into flat-surface lighting.

Key points:

-- With a strong customer-oriented, industry-specific approach, and by leveraging its global presence, Styrolution develops optimized solutions for the electronics industry, including applications that meet new performance and surface aesthetic requirements, while combining exceptional ease of processing with lower costs.

Product highlights featured at Chinaplas:

-- Novodur(R) HH: Novodur high heat products offer a modified ABS that meets stringent stability requirements for thermally stressed components. These resins can be coated easily and reliably. Novodur high heat is the material of choice for numerous heat-resistant applications, like laser beam printers.

-- Styrolution PS 168N: A high molecular weight, heat resistant polystyrene grade that meets high strength requirements. Suitable for physically or chemically expanded extruded sheets, such as a light diffuser plate (LDP) for a variety of LCD-TV backlight systems.

-- Styrolution PS 495F: A high-flow, high-impact polystyrene with good heat resistance and high stiffness used in various applications, such as TV rear covers.

-- Terluran GP-22: An easy-flow, general purpose injection molding, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) grade offering high impact resistance and heat distortion. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in the electronics housing sectors, such as ink jet and laser beam printers.

-- Terluran(R) GP-35: A high-flow, general purpose injection molding ABS grade with good ductility, intended for moldings with thin walls and/or adverse flow length to wall ratio. It is used in applications like TV stand bases and front covers.

Key Quotes:

Lars Koppelmann, Global Director Electronics, Styrolution:

"Our customers in the electronics industry are at the leading edge of innovation, delivering products that literally revolutionize and transform modern life. They require high-performance materials that not only help them reduce costs but also offer premium aesthetics. As the global leader in styrenic material innovation, Styrolution is ideally positioned to work in partnership with Chinese and Asian companies to develop electronic solutions for tomorrow while meeting the global market challenges of today. Chinaplas is an ideal opportunity for us to explain to customers in the electronics industry how Styrolution can help them succeed through collaborative innovation."

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