Advanced Shielded Plastic Connector Meets Next-Gen Medical Applications

CAMARILLO, CA – ODU, designer and manufacturer of high performance connector solutions and cable assemblies, is announcing MEDI-SNAP EMC, the advanced shielded plastic connector solutions to the US market. ODU MEDI-SNAP EMC is the newest addition to ODU’s Push-Pull circular connectors. The advanced medical connector solution is lightweight, autoclavable, sterilizable and it offers a touch proofed housing and reliable EMI protection at the same time.

ODU MEDI-SNAP EMC is available in a wide variety of coding options (color and mechanics) and it has a high chemical resistance. The product is now available in standard size 2, as part of the ODU product range. ODU MEDI-SNAP® EMC was designed as a response to the specific market requirements for advanced medical applications. “The demand for shielded products is always on the rise, since the applications in medical technology require more and more electronics in the smallest space possible,” explains Günter Rohr, Global Portfolio Manager at ODU.

Additionally, ODU provides a full suite of complementary products and services including innovative options for cable assembly, overmolding and turn-key system solutions, direct engineering support, competitive lead time and factory direct capability.

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