Advanced Pyroelectric Detectors

Advanced Pyroelectric Detectors
Laser Components USA Inc.

The basic material of pyroelectric detectors with the highest performance level is DLaTGS, deuterated and L-alanine-doped triglycine sulfate. The detectivity D of DLaTGS is typically 2.5 to 5 times higher than in LiTaO3 detectors, even at high frequencies. Furthermore, they have a wide spectral sensitivity range from UV to THz wavelengths that is only limited by the detector window used.

The Curie temperature of DLaTGS is 61°C and thus more than 10°C higher than TGS (triglycine sulfate). This is achieved by the process of deuteration, the complete replacement of all hydrogen atoms by deuterium atoms. Additional doping with L-alanine increases the sensitivity of detectors and permanently locks in the polarization such that the crystal will self polarize once it is again below the Curie temp.

LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group produces pyroelectric DLaTGS detectors – three series are available: One for users who would like to combine their detectors with their
own electronics (LCDT-5000 series); the LCTDT-5100 series is designed for low-frequency
applications in the range of 10..100 Hz, and the LCDT-5500 type with a
low-noise JFET is designed for FTIR applications. All detectors possess thinned-out elements
and optionally feature an absorbing black coating with a low thermal mass that
offers a wide spectral response at a simultaneously high speed. All pyrodetectors are
available with different diameters of their active surfaces and rectangular and square
shapes as well. Standard housings include TO-5, TO-66, and TO-37.

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