Advanced Photonix Introduces Handheld Terahertz Product

ANN ARBOR, MI -- Advanced Photonix, Incannounces the introduction of the T-Gauge SPG (single-point gauge), an addition to the T-Ray® 5000 product family. This handheld accessory is targeted at measuring material thickness for quality control in the aerospace and nondestructive testing markets. The T-Gauge® SPG is designed for at-line manufacturing environments and makes use of terahertz properties to nondestructively penetrate many opaque materials to allow measurement of layer thickness. The T-Gauge® SPG can make layer thickness measurements with the pull of a trigger in single or multi-layer products made from a wide variety of materials such as plastics, rubber, paper, paint and other coatings.

Incorporating fundamental technology advances developed by Advanced Photonix, and its subsidiary Picometrix, LLC, over the past 18 years, the T-Gauge® SPG provides layer thickness resolution that surpasses that of other measurement tools. With a simplified user interface, the same tool can measure multiple product configurations, and with a variety of tips, even hard to access locations can be examined.

"We are pleased to announce this addition to the terahertz product family which has recently begun shipping to the aerospace market for application on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. This product will be used to spot check layer thickness during production, which is complimentary to the recently announced handheld accessory product development contract with the US Air Force to assist in the assembly and maintenance of the F-35. The T-Gauge® SPG will help us further penetrate the aerospace market and open up new markets where existing technologies have limitations, including measuring through air gaps or measuring products with varying substrate properties," according to Dr. Irl Duling, Director of Terahertz Business Development at Advanced Photonix.

The handheld tool is connected to a T-Ray 5000 intelligent terahertz control unit (TCU) that provides the optoelectronics that drive the T-Gauge® SPG. The industrially ruggedized T-Ray® 5000 TCU meets the high standards of speed and accuracy required for high-volume manufacturing as well as the advanced research laboratory (UL and CE marked). The T-Gauge® SPG has been designed to meet the high standards of precision, portability, and ruggedness set by the T-Ray® 5000.

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