Advanced Energy to Showcase Next-Generation Dual-Magnetron Sputtering Technology

SHANGHAI, China -- Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:AEIS) today will showcase its previously announced next-generation Ascent(R) DMS dual-magnetron sputtering technology at the 25th China Glass Expo in Shanghai, sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society. The Ascent DMS system enables advanced process innovation for dual-magnetron sputtering while offering a lower cost of ownership compared to traditional power supplies.

Advanced Energy(R) (AE) will also highlight its broad portfolio of enabling technology for the glass industry, including its DC and pulsed-DC power-delivery systems for sputtering and cathodic arc deposition, its MXE high-speed pyrometer for advanced temperature control and its recently acquired Thyro(TM) thyristor power controller product line for control of high-precision thermal processes. These power conversion and thermal management solutions enable reduced cost of ownership and enhanced process control in glass and other industrial manufacturing processes.

Lower Costs and Better Control: Ascent(R) DMS Dual-Magnetron Sputtering Accessory

The unique features of the Ascent DMS series include repeatable, tunable film parameters and lower cost of ownership in large-area glass and other industrial, dual-magnetron sputtering applications. Designed to deliver 30 to 180 kW of bipolar power--with independent power control to each cathode--Ascent DMS units permit process engineers to customize duty cycle to the wear profile of each target. This enables increased target-erosion uniformity and full utilization of each cathode for longer campaigns. A controllable pulse rise feature offers significant advantages for producing more uniform and higher density films, while unique power-delivery options include selectable frequency, independent power-ratio regulation for each magnetron and power, current or voltage regulation.

Proven Reliability: Solvix by AE--DC and Pulsed DC Power Supplies

Advanced Energy offers complete industrial PVD solutions that deliver process control and film quality for reactive sputtering, metallic sputtering and cathodic arc deposition. Solvix(R) DC and pulsed-DC power supplies are designed for the reactive sputtering of decorative and hard coatings, as well as TCO films. With a wide range of power and frequency levels, pulsing and multiple communications options, this series provides precise control and proven reliability with over a decade in the field--backed by AE's worldwide support network.

Precision Control for Dynamic Processes: MXE High-Speed Pyrometer

The Sekidenko MXE high-speed pyrometer enables accurate, repeatable measurement and control for advanced temperature control. With up to a 10 kHz read rate, the MXE pyrometer is ideal for processes with moving targets. Precision temperature measurement, combined with 950 nm wavelength reflectance measurements, significantly enhances product yield.

The Thyro(TM)-Family of Thyristor Power Control Modules

The Thyro(TM)-family of power control modules offers precise reproducibility and efficiency in industrial processes where heating, melting, bending, forming or drying is required. Based on reliable, established power technology designs, Advanced Energy offers standard and customized power controllers for AC applications. They are tailored to the requirements of each individual application, including float glass production, infrared drying, furnace construction and many other demanding thermal processes.

To learn more about AE's featured products, please visit the company in Hall E2, Booth #113-114, and the company's event website at

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