Advanced Airbag Sensors from Freescale

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Freescale Semiconductor

The Xtrinsic MMA65xxKW family of single- or dual-axis overdamped HARMEMS accelerometers from Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX, are designed to act as the safing sensors located in a vehicle's main electronic control unit if the airbag system uses satellite sensors. The satellite inertial sensors positioned around the perimeter of the car detect front and side impacts; the safing sensors work with these to assist the vehicle in determining how best to deploy the airbags. The sensors have a 105 g range, provide a 12-bit data output with 18.2 LSB/g, and are compatible with SPI. An arming pin function reduces the risk of data corruption in the main crash sensor or safing sensor of the airbag system.

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Company: Freescale Semiconductor
Country: International
Phone number: 512-996-4418

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