ADSS Wins $2.3 Million DoD Contract

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems (ADSS), a division of ADA Technologies Inc., has received a Department of Defense contract valued at $2.3 million to expand the capability of the company's Situational Awareness Network.

ADSS's SensorPod system is a situational awareness network that includes a line of advanced sensors with integrated communications systems to gather and communicate vital data to help military and civilian customers make critical operational decisions. The lightweight, rugged devices do not rely on existing communications infrastructure, making them especially suitable for use in locations that are extremely remote and difficult to access.

"Under this contract the SensorPod network will be enhanced to improve the measurement capability and allow more real-time field command and control of the network," said Dave Jansen, ADSS president. "When complete, the enhanced network will be suitable for use in an even wider variety of applications and will support a multitude of customer needs."

About ADSS
Located in Littleton, CO, ADSS is a leader in the development and integration of advanced sensor technologies for defense, homeland security, force protection and commercial applications. The company's proprietary sensors deliver superior awareness and actionable intelligence for a wide range of military and civilian uses. Through the use of cutting-edge communication and sensing pods, the ADSS Situational Awareness Network and SensorPod system products provide a total system solution that is unrivaled in today's market.

ADSS has been shipping products to customers since 2005. The rapidly growing company has been awarded over $10 million in contracts in the past six months, including a recent $2.5 million contract with the U.S. Air Force for 50 SensorPod systems.

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