Admiralty to File Revised Application for Fifth ATLIS Patent

ATLANTA, GA /Marketwire/ -- Admiralty Holding Co. (Admiralty) announced that it has received comments from the U.S. Patent Office regarding its application for a fifth patent pertaining to its ATLIS technology. The company does not believe the comments will prove problematic and intends to respond with a revised application before the end of February. The application for the fifth patent relates to proprietary signal enhancement techniques. The fourth patent received by Admiralty was described in the company's press release on December 18, 2007. As noted in that prior release, the company has four patents pertaining to its ATLIS technology.

The first patent issued covers the use of multiple frequencies and multiple sensors to enhance the detection and classification of conductive and magnetic materials.

The second patent covers techniques to increase the sensitivity of the overall system by shaping the transmitter, coding the transmitted signal, and using switched capacitors to efficiently generate a high-power signal for the transmitter.

The third patent covers a method of combining the assets of pulsed and continuous transmitted signals to improve the system detection, a technique that has broad application to many types of detection/sensing systems.

In making this announcement, Herbert Leeming, CEO of Admiralty, commented: "We are fully confident the fifth patent will be issued, and we continue to explore other potentially valuable commercial applications for our proprietary ATLIS technology beyond our mainstream business. The four patents issued cover the core ATLIS processes, and the fifth will provide additional protection for certain system enhancements."