Adhesive Coats Chips in MEMS Sensors

Sudbury, MA --- DELO now offers a new glob top adhesive with enhanced flow properties. DELOMONOPOX GE4825 can easily coat chips in MEMS sensors and other semiconductors in a uniform thickness of less than100 µm, while not extending beyond the chip’s edges.

With the increase in miniaturization in microelectronics packaging, this new adhesive is ideal for use by semiconductor companies who need die coating materials to be as flat as possible and still protect the chip. Oftentimes, phone manufacturers require a maximum thickness of 0.6 mm for MEMS packages, making DELOMONOPOX GE4825 perfect for these types of applications.

DELOMONOPOX GE4825 is a heat-curing acrylate, offers high flexibility (shore hardness range from A60 to A80), reducing the risk of stress in the chip and wires. It also provides low base viscosity and special flow properties that allow for efficient jet dispensing on a wide range of chip sizes.

This black-colored adhesive not only protects and preserves the chip’s surface, it also covers its logic structures and makes it possible to perfectly cover the chip’s corners where the layer is extremely thin.

For more information contact Robert Lush at 1-978-254-5275 or [email protected]


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