Adapters Support Certification Of Modular Plug Terminated Links

Fluke Networks’ MPTL adapter accessory allows owners of the DSX CableAnalyzer Series to perform field certification of MPTL links based on the draft ANSI-TIA568.2-D standard.


Three additional adapters for the Versiv DSX CableAnalyzer Series provide the ability to certify Modular Plug Terminated Link (MPTL) cabling installations to the draft ANSI-TIA568.2-D standard. The adapters support Category 5, 6, and 6A performance levels and are paired with the DSX Permanent Link adapter (included with all DSX CableAnalyzer models) to perform MPTL certification. They are compatible with all DSX models.

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The MPTL was created for scenarios where a typical four-connector channel is unnecessary for connecting cabling to networked devices – such as those that reside in a ceiling space where it is impractical to install a faceplate and connect via equipment cords. Instead, there is just a single run from the patch panel in the telecommunications room or from a zone box to a termination at the far end with a plug directly connected into the device, eliminating the work area outlet and equipment cord.


Siemon, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance IT infrastructure solutions recently announced its new Z-PLUG Category 6A Field Terminated Plug for quick, reliable high-performance plug terminations that enable custom-length MPTL connections to a variety of IP-based and PoE-enabled devices deployed in today's intelligent buildings.


The MPTL adapters work with all Versiv DSX CableAnalyzer models and are available now. The latest version of the Versiv-DSX firmware is required to use these options and is available free of charge. For more information, use the Versiv Kit Configurator and read more about the Versiv DSX CableAnalyzer Series.

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